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Step 1

Gather 2 to 10 players and divide them into two teams: Chickens and Catchers.

Step 2

Spread the cards out on a surface, arranging them neatly or scattering them as you like.

Step 3

Designate safe zones around the room where players can go to avoid being tagged.


Step 4

There are three types of cards: white, red, and green.

Step 5

Players take turns flipping over cards quickly and face up

Depending on the type of card flipped:

White Cards (Q&A, Sight Words, Verbs, Nouns):


The player reads the card's content aloud or asks a question. The next player responds accordingly.

-Sight Words

The player reads the word aloud.


The player reads the noun aloud. High-level students can read the sentence at the bottom of the card.


The player reads the verb aloud. If they're a high-level student, they can try different tenses or make a sentence with the verb.

Red Cards and Green Cards

-Red Cards

Chickens run to their safe zone.

Green Cards

Catchers run to their safe zone.

Step 6

If a player is tagged by a member of the opposing team before reaching their safe zone, they switch teams.

Step 7

Return green and red cards to the pile after being played, but leave the white cards face up to avoid repetition.


Step 8

The game can continue until one of the two teams has no players left, or it can go on indefinitely until the end of the class.